​You know there’s been times in my life when I found that I was confused about what to do next. I didn’t really have a good plan. I may have felt a little lost. In fact, I called it my fog. We’ve all gone through it. Sitting down with a friend of mine who actually writes mapping programs, he used to write for MapQuest back in that day, and he would sit down and put out the entire coding for this huge mapping program. I asked him you know, I understand computers are fast and everything. What I don’t understand is how a mapping program I could put Los Angeles as my origination, and New York as my destination I push the button draws that blue line and it is it’s the fastest way to get there right now. And he says well this is really fascinating when we first started making these programs we found out that it was much like the maze. You know those mazes when we were in school, and the smart kids learned you start at the very end instead of the very top? When Sparky wants to find the acorns and has to go through that maze to go through all. Well, he said this, “We learned this in mapmaking programs. You can’t get there from here. You can only get here from there. If we put the destination in last, the mapping program would avoid many of the dead ends. I went, “That’s the answer! That’s what I’ve been looking for!”. My problem was I didn’t know what the end result was going to look like. I didn’t have an idea of where I was going, so I couldn’t even figure out what to do next. This profound thought came to me – I couldn’t take the first step until I knew the last step. So what is it for you, your career, your relationships, your life, your job right now just as a job? What is the decision you’re working on? What is your fog? Well first off, find out what the destination should look like in high-definition detail. Think through that, then draw the lines backward to where you are right now. Because you can’t get there from here, you can only get here from there.

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