Boy this is a FarSuperior thought. People ask me all the time about work/life balance. Balance in their homes and balance with the pressing issues at the job. Maybe the pressing issues with the children. And I will tell you this, there’s no such thing as work-life balance. In fact, the idea is the lie. The lie is this, “that you balance priorities between things out there. I’ve got four children. Would I ever say to them, “you know one of you is my favorite”? Now truth is I tell all four of them that they’re my favorite, because they are, but I can’t imagine ever saying I’m going to balance something out between the four of them. We do this when we try to find an idea of work and life, relationship, family balance. There isn’t such a thing. It’s all life, and it’s all the priority. The best way to find this is to be present in the moment of wherever you are and make sure that your time that you are spending in those areas is the time that’s appropriate for that area. It’s not a balancing act, it’s an act of appropriateness. So if you’re working on the job, give your time, your focus, your energy to focus on what you’re doing there and be the very best at whatever that is. When you’re with your relationships, your family, your wife, your husband, your partner, your spouse, whatever it is, be with them. Spend the time in your heart and invest in them. You don’t make the balances between all of these things. Look, there’s poles everywhere. There’s always a pole something’s yelling at us somewhere, and if you’re busy and successful, then you just keep taking on lots of yelling things but don’t fall into the lie that somehow you have to balance them all out so that they’re all happy. They’re all going to keep pulling. You’ve got to find your place in the middle of that and live there. Thank ​you.

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