So why do I need an EIN number for my business well let’s first talk about what it is an EIN number stands for employer identification number and it is a number that is assigned by the Internal Revenue Service to help identify your business a lot like a social security number that were given at birth and follows us through our whole life so that we can be identified by a number so is a business so when you get an EIN number it helps identify your business to the IRS and to other people and keep it separate from yourself and even though it’s called an employer identification number it’s not just for employers so even if you’re not employing people it’s still a good idea to have walking around giving out your social security number these days isn’t a good idea so when you have a business whether you’re sole proprietor or an LLC getting applying and getting an EIN number is a really good idea another benefit to getting this e is is it’ll help you build business credit so a lot of times when we’re starting out in business we tend to use our own credit cards and our own personal credit to get things done but when we get this tax ID number we can start leveraging that to build its own credit so that our business can stand on its own in fact of the matter is it’s really easy to do the old days of having to fax in forms and wait a week for the IRS to send you a letter and an assign you a number or over write on the internet go to the IRS website fill out some basic information and in about 30 seconds you will have your tax ID number ready to go.

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