What do you think makes a successful businesswoman first of all you have to really define success and I don’t mean that as a general term I mean that on what it means to you so for me in the beginning maybe when I first started my company it was all about the income that I was a making the lifestyle that I could have and to me once I succeeded with that I felt successful but as time went on it it became more of the stability for the children so once I started having a family it was what I can do for them to support them so that they can be maybe in sports go to a good school and then later down the line just just them as really toddlers it started making me realize that the stability is great and I still want that but spending more time with my family and the kids and creating that work/life balance and still having a you know stability with the kids is successful it’s work for me so you really have to define it for yourself and what it means to you and it might change and don’t feel like it can’t change and then realize too that success isn’t always about those things for me I feel like throughout this whole process as it’s changed from money and lifestyle to stability to spending more time with the kids and that work work-life balance that it’s always still been about value and purpose and what I’m doing for my clients that come in to see me with building their confidence empowering them as women that value and that purpose has always remained the same but again that money lifestyle stability and spending more time with the kids has constantly changed depending on where I am in life

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