An important area to know about your business is your client retention rate and also the retention rate of your employees as well a lot of time and effort is put into bringing on a client and if you put just focus on always obtaining new clients ​not taking the care of the ones that you have could be costly in the end you want to make sure that you have good best practices and to make sure that ongoing clients are continued to grow with you as long as bringing in as long as that you bring in a new clients as well this also will will play into your employees retention ready too as well the there’s certain costs that come into play employer taxes for one that if you have a revolving door for your employees that you’re continuously going to be paying into which is going to hurt your cash flow from year to year take the time to understand why employees are happy why our employees are not happy and not performing and make notes and make corrections as you go along this will help you not only have a good culture within your organization but that that good culture is also going to be felt by your customers in the long run producing a more stable company.

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