What is the best way to grow my business and number one thing is to have a cold I hear a lot of businesses talking that they ever made for example two and $1000 one year and they want to grow it to 300,000 the next year that’s a 50% growth that is a very big job so you really need to have a plan how are you going to get there are you going to maybe add more resources more employees maybe more marketing expense and hire an outside company for your social media and it’s very part important to have that goal and that plan and to really realize if it’s possible that is a huge jump you’re also if you are adding those resources and at marketing you’re also adding more costs up your your revenue at this large amount of your class and with the same profit margin you wanna make sure you’re increasing your profit at the same time so my number one recommendation is we are adding these resources in his marketing expense expenses it’s a really go and see what your expenses are already at and lower those expenses first so for example maybe a vendor you’re using to package your products maybe you can go to a new vendor and vendor is charging less knowing your cost on your packages packages each one of those packages has product you were able to switch vendors and switch a little bit of the album design and then save about 30% per customer without adding those resources first and expenses we were able to increase our profit without without increasing the client that we were getting it and then from there if we wanna grow even further and then we can get more clients for their marketing but number one is to look at your expenses first, reduce those and pull up your profit margin, and then look at other avenues.

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