Hello! My name is Wayne Warrington and welcome to FarSuperior. In 1999, when I created FarSuperior, I created it for the purpose of providing a single website where no matter what you were looking for you would find quality professionals, quality service – no matter what it was – you would find individuals and business owners that exceeded your expectations. What we do today is we provide a community of like-minded individuals that pay it forward, whether in their community, their churches, or with local nonprofits. From this point forward we are building this community and providing Far Superior thoughts, providing valuable content that we provide free of charge, ad-free, spam-free and consumer-friendly. Next, who are we looking for? Well, we’re looking for you. If you are like-minded, if you pay it forward in life, if your intention is to exceed the expectations of your customers, your patients, and your clients, then you’re who we are looking for. We welcome your application today. Thank you again for visiting Far Superior!

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