What if I went to rebrand and re-branding is definitely a time good time and a bad time for example I want rebranded my company in the very beginning stages I didn’t have a lot of contacts and I had done a lot of toggery sessions to have people recognize me and then change so I didn’t very beginning example of that is McDonald’s for example from the 1940s and 1960s these playlist change their logo wasn’t as recognizable as the years went on but at the 1960s came and then to now it’s always been that traditional him that we know and recognize her no matter how much they change or when they change always going to have a consistent M and we’re always going to recognize them because it’s very signature to McDonald’s to stay the same as well in the beginning and and then now that we find Conde make sure it’s very very consistent that’s a example from good versus bad timing and if it is closer to death of the bad timing you want to make sure that you’re already out there and you already have a consistent brand that you slowly lightly change it and you also need to let your clients know or maybe have something out there maybe some email blast on social media post that really talk about hey we’re changing up our logo and made it make an exciting time we’re changing this app here’s what you need to recognize and make sure you’re putting it out there maybe even next to really see that you are the same company and my biggest advice is to very lightly change it very slowly you rebrand all at once and completely different your clients might not recognize you and you might lose some clientele.

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