To Google or not to Google? That is the question. You see it every day on the news. The government is headed towards trying to break up these digital Giants. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube; I mean you name it. All of these companies that have become digital giants, multi-billion dollar companies reaching almost trillion dollar net worths, or valuations, they’re trying to break them up. Well you really don’t have to worry too much about the government doing that because the digital giants are doing it to themselves. In 2020, we’re gonna see a major shift and that shift is where these individual giants such as Google, Facebook, etc. are all going to try to keep everybody in their ecosystem. No longer are the days where you type in a search query into Google and up pops the entire world and you’re off and running and as you click on something you’re going to be going to different websites. Google is going to try to keep you in their ecosystem; keep you in that search pattern, so that when you do click on something, it’s going to keep you into a Google page. Now, this is great for Google, but it basically means you’re going to be doing things other than just googling the web. You’ll be using YouTube. You’re going to be using Facebook. And as you’re going into these other sites, that’s going to limit the number of searches that you’re doing. You’re actually going to be using different resources for different processes and for search results. So, to Google or not to Google? You don’t have to worry about it anymore. These digital Giants are being broken up all by themselves because they want to keep you in their ecosystem.

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