The Credit Game, and how to stay on top; That’s the question. Well the credit score that you have is one of the most important numbers you can have in your lifetime and, unfortunately, it is a game. It’s a game played by creditors and by the credit bureaus. Today, as your consumer advocate I’d like to shed a little light on how you can play the game a little better. So the number one thing that is most important in your credit score is your timeliness; making sure all of your payments are paid on time. However, the most overlooked element of your credit score is what we call the 10% factor. Keep all of your revolving lines of credit under 10%. So, if you have a $10,000 credit line on a credit card or a thousand dollar line on your Visa, you got to keep a balance under 10%. A thousand dollar credit line $100 balance; $10,000 credit line $1,000 balance. If you do this you will maintain the highest credit score you can the closer you get to that eighty ninety percent plus of any revolving account means that you’re going to get dinged on your credit. So going back again the tip today the answer is keep your credit balances on your revolving lines down below 10%. And that’s your tip for the day. Thank you.

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