Hi, my name is Rick Krug. I want to share with you a story that I experienced personally when I was flying. Nobody really likes the process of flying. I mean, we like getting there quickly. Maybe even being on the plane is fun, but nobody wants to show up two hours early, go through that serpentine line, wait in line get to the TSA, just to find out that you have to take your shoes off or stand in line or go off to the side. It’s nuts, isn’t it? Well this happened to me right here in Phoenix, Arizona at the Sky Harbor Airport. I was in that long serpentine line, and it was crazy! People were getting tense, and the TSA agents were going very slow. Now, you know they’re just doing their jobs, but this was incredible. People were on edge, and when I got up to the front I said to the man, do you can I speak to your supervisor? And you could just see the sweat coming down on his forehead, and he was like yeah whatever. He calls the supervisor over, and I said to the supervisor sir I just want to tell you I think you guys are doing a great job. I know that you don’t get paid a lot. I know you’re protecting our country. I just wanted to thank you. And by the way right there, when I said thank you I could see two or three other TSA agents walking over and listening, and one woman had tears in her eyes. They’d not heard this before and in fact what happened is the supervisor called them all over and said would you just say that one more time for me and I thank them all for what they were doing and when I did a TSA woman who apparently was a singer as well stood up and said in song she started saying to everybody get out your ID have your ticket ready, and she started lyrically singing this made-up song and she got the attention of the entire crowd and you could tell the entire crowd just relaxed and the process actually went faster, and the TSA agents were smiling and the people were smiling and that one small act of thanking the thankless changed the entire situation you can to try it sometime thank those who never get thanked. Thank​ you.

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