Hi Rick Krug here and I found that one of the lost arts in the human relationship is asking questions I don’t know why I think maybe we’re sometimes afraid of what the answer might be I think we’re afraid that the answer might be negative to us but here’s what I found out when I do sales coaching when I do business coaching I’ll ask the business owner or the salesperson about the product or I’ll ask them about the sales or ask them about the end results and many times they’ll say oh I’m not really sure asking what the client wants well I’m not really sure and I’ll say what’s the best way to find out the answer to any question you have and I’ll tell you they give me ten or twelve answers study research and I say why don’t you just ask why don’t you just ask the client what they would rather have Wow parents why don’t you ask your children how you’re doing bosses why don’t you ask your indirect employees or your team members as I would rather call them how you’re doing leaders ask those who are following how you’re doing find out ask the questions ask the relationship questions just ask you know people really do want to tell you people are very anxious to be valued for their opinions and their views when you ask them you’re saying implicitly to them I value your view I value your opinion on this please tell me I would like to be better at it it’s not a trap and once you begin asking questions you’ll find out just how much you don’t know and how much you want to know the best leader the best person in charge is the one who has the best questions start asking questions people will tell you.

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