Hi Rick Krug here want to share with you some thoughts about far superior thoughts you know we’ve all sat around a table with our friends maybe read something in the newspaper and we thought that’s an amazing thing they just said I just read we’ve even said things in a conversation where you think that is a gold nugget you know a far superior thought is just that it’s just a gold nugget thought an idea a process an intention a purpose of why of something deep inside of you everyone has a far superior thought everyone comes up with something once in a while you know I come up with a million ideas a day and about once a year I find a good one you’re probably the same way a far superior thought really is something that has changed your life changed your trajectory everybody has them let me encourage you to do this when you come up with that far superior thought that idea that intention may be that that heart change write it down start practicing it share it with other people find ways to expand the thought whatever it is one of my favorite thoughts is when I first learned to assume noble intent and other people in fact that’s one of the far superior thoughts you’ll get to see maybe if you click on that link I find that when I assume noble intent about other people it changes my reality and when I came upon that thought I started expanding it and putting it into my life and changing my life you’ve got a thought something hmm about being a dad a mom maybe a teacher maybe a friend maybe just a behavior that you have found that works for you let me encourage you to come up with far superior thoughts share them with other people write them down yourself and expand them because the truth is all have them it’s time to share them you.

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