For the future something we all discuss most business owners are always aspiring to where they want to take the company in the day-to-day though I would want to really sit down and with business owners and discuss what it would take what it takes on the daily basis to ensure that you’re going to make future dates having a rainy day fund is something that we all discuss is what we’ve been raised to have it’s good sensible and financial smarts but is this not always the case a lot of business owners are going from sale to sale or from job to job and not finding the area where it ends or not meeting but it’s very important to do what it really takes to have some kind of reserve built in the background to help you when unexpected costs come up lawsuits that come up from a past employee or something along those lines those are game enders the something that you can’t really bounce back from unless you have a plan put in place there are​ many vendors there’s HCM companies that are out there that help shoulder a lot of that risk alongside with you there you’re not losing any authority in that relationship that is there as a resource to ensure that you’re not exposed to a lot of areas of uncut of lawsuits that you come in and in a cripple a company so in the very end of the day I always remember before you but maybe by that next product or try that new investment make sure that you’re putting money aside just in case something cop pops up.

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