Hi my name’s Rick Krug and you know I share a lot about my experiences with the author and world leader John Maxwell I want to share one thing that he shared with me and has shared with many people that has actually changed the way I look at other people and leadership in itself leadership as he says and I can just hear him saying it Rick leadership is one thing and one thing only influence and it is leadership is influence leadership is not a position leadership is not a nametag leadership is not a person its influence and when you have influence with people you are leading them you can lead from any direction you know one of the most frustrating places to be in a business is mid-level management you have the bosses above you have the people below you know in that hierarchy and and there’s that set that press and that that pushed down of who’s right and who’s wrong and many times the mid-level people get blamed teachers are mid-level they have the principal and they have the parents right the the person who’s waiting on you at the grocery store is mid-level management they have they have the bosses that tell them how to do it you’re the customer and there’s this this sense of pressure but they can influence and you can influence you want to lead you begin by influencing others you want to be a leader you be the person who brings the influence for the good you bring the influence for the positive you bring the influence for the betterment so try this you want to be a leader find ways to influence in lives not by demand not by labels not by position but by a lifestyle a lifestyle that is serving and giving and influencing and sharing leadership is influence you.

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