What risk can do to your company is extremely important to have a good understanding as a medium to small business owner risk comes at every ​shape and form out there but as long as you have a good head and under shoulders and you’re looking towards are looking and knowing that that risk is always on you and putting measures into place to to curb some of that risk or to share our shoulder that risk is going to be most beneficial lawsuits will come in all kinds of different fashions through employees competitors even customers those are the areas that you really can’t do much other than having a you know proactive or reactive step put in place through a partnership or a vendor to help you with those areas risks will always be there will never be quite removed the effects that it will have on your company when planned out CRO correctly will not be really felt very strongly but if you don’t have a plan put in pace could actually in the company I’ve seen it happen many times for just one lawsuit comes through and and just finishes a company so when you sit down be honest with yourself of what areas of where you’re most susceptible to risk and to shore up those ends by having good partnerships vendors or you know even a lawyer to have a sit-down with a lawyer to analyze your areas of weakness is going to be most beneficial for you and your company.

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