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Our Board Members

Advisory Board

Kellie Dionne

Internationally known film, model and spokesperson, Kellie Dionne serves as the Chairperson for FarSuperior TV, dedicated to: quality content, family friendly, Ad free, and value based videos while upholding Consumer Privacy.

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Matteo D'Alessio

One of the newest members of the FarSuperior Team is Matteo D'Alessio, CEO of MasterMind Society. MMS provides FS business members with the value added benefits through the in-person monthly meetings hosted locally.

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Elizabeth Havlicek

Elizabeth is our "Chameleon", she always has her eye on the ball and makes sure we stay on target.  As Head of Acquisitions her focus is to help FarSuperior stay on track in providing consumers the best in products.

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Vince Barnett

Leading our charitable giving and non-profit partnerships, Vince puts his master's degree Organizational Management and Project Management credentials to work while traveling internationally on mission trips.

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Rick Krug

One of the most important elements of elevating your presence on the Internet is through videos.  For over 5 years, Rick has worked with members of FS's advisor board, as well as our business members to enhance their message.

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FS Doctor TBD

Imagine a FarSuperior Internet experience where in a moment you can find expert content, answers, and businesses without ads, spam, or information overload and knowing your data is kept private.

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Our mission

The Vision of FarSuperior is to build a trustworthy and generous community of experts that exceeds expectations by providing far superior experiences for customers that is duplicable and leaves a legacy of generosity. Our model involves the selection of three(3) fully vetted business owners in each of 200 business categories, for over 1500 city locations in North America. These business owners are then matched with a support team, along with industry leaders to promote their business growth through cross-marketing processes and community branding promotions. Click the Learn More Button for Community Benefits

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About us

FarSuperior was founded in 1999 and launched as a local business directory with hundreds of small business owners working together to provide the best of the best in products and services for the residents in the area. Farsuperior's local loyalty program was a huge success and has now expanded throughout North America. Our success is based upon several unique elements of the FarSuperior model. First and foremost is PRIVACY. We are honored by the trust our consumer members place in us to protect, and not to share or abuse their personal information. Secondly is the exclusive nature of the recommendations we make to consumers of the businesses we have fully vetted and have brought into our Circle of Trust. By way of our vetting process and the commitment of our small business owner strategic partners, the consumers we make recommendations to are virtually guaranteed the best customer experience and value when using or buying from a FarSuperior Business Community member. In short, consumers can trust that our business members will deliver exactly what is promised.

Check out our video below to see if your business qualifies as a member of our Business Community. Or click on the learn more button to review our Benefits White Paper.

If you believe your business qualifies for membership, we invite you to complete the short application form below. There is NO COST to submit your application. Once we have completed the initial screening process, a representative will contact you for membership options. We only accept three businesses per industry category, per FS city location, so get your application in today in order to be considered for membership.


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FS thoughts

Hello, I’m Rick Krug with a FarSuperior thought. Sharing – what do you have to share with the world today? We all have in mind something that we can share with the world. Little tidbits, bits of wisdom, something that you’re answering a question that literally thousands of people want to know. What is it that you have on your mind? What experience, what is in your knowledge base that you would like to share with the world? Come join us at FarSuperior Thoughts. Help us share with the world thoughts that can make a difference. Thank you and welcome again to FarSuperior.

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FarSuperior's community is growing and with our growth we have adopted plans to rollout the most innovative community ecosystem available in today's market via blockchain technology utilizing Gold and other stable assets designed as a sustainable model for decades to come.

As we make our way through 2023, we know many small business owners are starting over. The key to success in the years ahead is community! And the only thing stopping you from achieving success is not getting started. So start today as a strategic partner with FarSuperior. Our video below may help ignite you into the next generation of your business.

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