Another area in which to spend time with you and your management team is to have a good understanding of who and how much time is spent on revenue-generating tasks. In a company there’s going to be a balance of people that support a sale or make the sale themselves any of the revenue-generating tasks that are out there have many steps to make them accomplish, and there’s the supportive role that goes behind that from other people to account to make sure that that sale is made. Now sitting down and having a good understanding of what is that; what position has more of an overhead versus position that’s going to generate more revenue is going to be important. To have a good balance, you want to go and evaluate through payroll records and other reports within to sit down and be honest with yourself and actually put dollars to employees or positions. To​ have a good chance and make sure that good balance is put into play so most importantly you find out that you’re not just chasing sale after sale and actually taking the company in the right direction that you want to go.

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