If we’re talking about isn’t something you there’s gonna be different ways that can happen depending on the entity structure of your company some entities are required to take a paycheck and some you are not so for example if you’re a sole proprietor or an informal partnership type of situation usually you’re just taking draws out of the bank so maybe when there’s profits they are gonna take 500 bucks here 1000 bucks there and that’s perfectly OK it’s just the tax applications of that is you have to remember to make a quarterly taxes to the government to account for that self-employment income that you’re generating if you’re organized maybe as an LLC taxed as an S corporation requirement that you have to be employed by your own company and take a real live paycheck just as if you work for any other company and you got a W-2 at the end of the year in that case you want to just be Tax smart because usually you’re only going to take as much as you are required to which is by the government standards is reasonable and regular so you have to pay yourself at least once a month and you have to take a reasonable salary for the actual job you’re performing for your company So those are the ones that are subject to the higher tax rate in an escort what you can do is also take distributions and those distributions to text differently so has some of the tax benefits and that square and then Lesley and a C corporation where you might know think of me in towels in the world or something like that those are hanging today so they’re always going to pay you on a paycheck and you’re going to take everything out there a paycheck unless it’s a dividend and dividends are we seeing my kids ever had stock or anything like that that you get like a dividend dividend thing at the end of the year so say corporations steak if you really wanted to take $100,000 set salary in order to get the money out of the company that way through a paycheck.

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