How do I keep from procrastinating when there are certain things in business that I don’t like doing obviously all of us tend to do that sometimes but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still something that needs to be done one thing you can do if you do have extra funds you can always outsource that maybe there’s a company that could do things for you maybe there is employees or temporary employment that you can seek but in order to keep your cost and your expenses down it’s always nice if that you can do it and you have the extra time that you do stick with it yourself I love doing things on the calendar to keep me from procrastinating so instead of maybe creating a list of things that I need to do and checking it off I might say hey you know I don’t feel like doing that right now I’ll do that tomorrow so what I tend to do is put it on the calendar if I have a gap in the calendar I put it right there maybe between two appointments and I make sure I stick with it I don’t take it drag it to the next day because then you’re gonna have maybe three things that got dragged to that day and you’re not gonna get to them all so put it on the calendar stick with it and finish that task so that you were not procrastinating and doing it in the future or maybe not getting it done because there’s too many things we did that with.

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