How do I create a work/life balance the first thing that you need to do is define what that means to you I think for everybody in their company and you know business owner they have a different definition of that it could be just having the weekends off it could be taking a vacation every once in a while for me it used to be having you know one or two days off but then having a family it’s also changed so it might change with you as time goes on it’s being able to pick my kids up from school and a lot of that comes from communication with maybe your employees and your team the structure that you have set up with them maybe if an employee calls in sick instead of it always being you you have something set up with the team where there’s always a backup and someone else can come fill that spot instead of you just really communicating that with them so that you are all a team together and that can fill those spots if needed so that you can still have that balance.

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