How do I create a recognizable brand first of all what is your brand what do you want your brand’s voice to be for for my company it’s women empowerment and boosting confidence so everything online needs to speak that voice and speak that brand any quotes that I might put up on my Instagram any contest that I might run for for clients everything needs to be about women empowerment and boosting confidence for them and it’s great to have consistency as well so if you have an ad out there it needs to match your Instagram they need to have a seamless experience maybe you have an ad on your on your car when you’re driving around and they you know someone sees that car they they go to the the website and all of a sudden your website doesn’t match what that ad look like maybe the colors were different a different version of your logo and they might not book you they might say oh I don’t even know if this was the same company so we need to make sure that there is a seamless experience from one Avenue to another in terms of social media ads that are out there logos and so that they can recognize all platforms all signage all marketing material especially with the color scheme make sure the color scheme on all these avenues is the same as well I know some people have a different logo for maybe their hats a different logo for their website and their kind of a version of each other of each other make sure that if it is a version it’s very consistent with one another and they can still tell it is the same logo the same colors maybe even when your customer comes to your business your office is decorated in the same colors I think that that’s going to make them remember you and also relate those colors to your brand for the future

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