How do I choose a business mentor the biggest thing which is in a mentor that they are an expert in the field that you need help with I need to be an expert in the industry at your business is family on a photography studio but maybe I don’t need help with the photography field in general maybe I need help with the marketing business side of things sure that the person that is your business mentor is an expert in what you need help with Alex and Brent thing is stressed it’s very important that you trust and trust what they’re saying and guiding you and I just went there guiding you to your comfort zone and it’ll definitely challenge you and you have to be OK with that if there’s a reason that you need a business mentor and you probably need to be pushed to an extent to do something that maybe you were accomplishing and then also working well together you need to have free communication skills with them what are you needing to do it company what are you needing to grow with and make sure that they actively communicate that and make it happen

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