How do I become known in my industry nowadays being best in the industry is not enough you can be number one in your industry and for your clients but if your clients don’t find you then that’s not gonna be the best at that you that you need you need to have that marketing so that they can find you so most important is emceeing you being able to market effectively and being seen constantly to be seen constantly social media is very important Facebook Instagram maybe even email blast for your subscribe to your emails. And I constantly see that maybe once a week once a month however is a great norm for your clients you don’t want to put it out there that have a good timeline for maybe the once a month they tend to enjoy for example also is setting yourself apart what is different about your company for a company we specialize in working with women and they are experiencing experiences if I the experience they get they get pampered and hair and make up for giving great customer service they end up feeling like a friend so we have that relationship with our clients and that is the number one thing that I am that for you and your company so that your set apart for the rest of your clients as well.

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