How can I ensure that my busy season is filled all of us companies a busy season might mean different things to every company so maybe for an air conditioning conditioner company it might be the summer well I’m a photography studio so for us the summer is is a lot slower nobody wants to do their sessions outside maybe there wasn’t as many anniversaries holidays in the summer as well so they’re going to be shooting more in the winter months so what the main point is is that marketing now affects our future sales so if I know our family portraits for example are gonna fill up in November in December and I really want you to book a month ahead so say I want you to book in November shoot in November and I need to book you by October 1st how am I gonna get those clients in to call me by October 1st I really need to start marketing in August September to get those clients on the books let them know that the busy season comes up maybe offer a special for anybody that pre books those dates so that way I don’t you know come to October first and I’m sitting by my phone and wondering why I’m not booking my November dates and then fast forward to the future if you don’t do that effectively you’re gonna get to your November December busy season and your sales are gonna be lower because you didn’t pre plan that in that August September months so that those booked out so it’s very important to know that your marketing now affects your future sales.

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