Do I really need to use social media and the answer is definitely yes if you don’t like social media I understand that it’s not the most exciting thing when you don’t always use that or if you’re just really not interested in it or you can hire out there so many companies now that I’m exclusively marketing companies that can do your post for you or find out what kind of company you are what you are your voices with the messages that you want to get across and of course what you’re selling and they can do those posts that really relate to your company and I’ve always your business is that day I want more clients but I just don’t have time for social media perfect example to hire out or I want more clients I have all this extra time and I want to fill up a client then you have time for social media there’s so many things online that will teach you how to use Instagram effectively how to use the #AndItDoesTakeTimeYouReallyHave toGetATimeAndYou’reGonnaReadOnlineWhatToDoButYouReallyNeedToBePatientYou’reNotGonnaStartPostingInAWeekAndAllTheSignsAndClientsAreGoingToComeTricklingAndYouReallyNeedToHaveExposureForMonthsAndMonthsConstantlyBeOnTheirFamilyInstagramStoriesAndSomeOfYourClientsAreProbablyOnFacebookAndAllSocialMediaAvenuesAnd so another thing that I know that a lot of people come to me they realize that I am a real person and I do put some of my personal things online obviously you need to be very particular and want you to know that Anna has been I have two daughters and I’m just like that so it’s really nice to have a relationship with your client will they do know that again and you’re you’re a business as well and you want to reach them and you want to work with them that’s why you’re speaking your voice on social media.

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