I want to talk to you about why you need to destroy your snooze alarm there’s a scientific reason behind it by the way we’ve all done it the alarm goes off in the morning and it’s you’re just not quite awake and you you reach over and you just hit it or if it’s me I tell Alexa to snooze and it’s news’s for I don’t know seven to nine minutes usually but there’s a scientific reason to stop doing that and here’s how it works when we sleep we sleep in about a 90-minute cycle we begin going to sleep we go down to the deepest sleep we start coming out of sleep the REM sleep as they call it the rapid eye movement we come out of the dream sleep and then we go through this cycle again and if it’s a normal sleep it’s usually three to four of those cycles a night the problem with snoozing is this when you’re coming out of the dream cycle it’s usually where you are when you wake up in the morning I don’t care if it’s five or six or seven o’clock in the morning and you push snooze this is what happens chemically your body says it’s time to wake up and it begins the process of waking up when you push the snooze alarm you tell your body to override that and go back into another deep cycle of sleep and so your body says sure I’d love to so it begins descending chemically in your brain with the chemicals that it takes to sleep deep and it begins descending for nine minutes it’s all now you wake yourself up and of course we can overcome bodily functions like this and we try to struggle through it but our brain still says it’s time to keep sleeping and so we keep descending chemically that’s why after we wake up from a snooze alarm snooze it’s very cloudy that’s why we have the ten o’clock cloud in the morning let me encourage you just to wake up once the snooze and once the alarm goes off don’t push the snooze alarm destroy it get rid of it just wake up get right out of bed you will feel much better try it.

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