Submit your 2 minute video on a thought you believe to be far superior and we will enter you into our contest to win a $1,000.00 (USD) and a Social Media Campaign to share your thought with thousands… if not MORE!  PLEASE NOTE…. Due to Covid-19 we have increased the contest winning amount from a $100.00 Gift Card to $1,000.00 (USD) See Basic Rules Below….


Welcome to FarSuperior Thoughts. #FarSuperiorThoughts  We are so excited to offer this opportunity for you to get that far superior thought that’s on your mind, out to the world.  The Rules of the Contest are simple.  Follow our instruction of shooting your video HERE.  The content is up to you… it’s all about a thought, a golden nugget of information to share with others to help them in life.  All video submissions must be in by December 5th 2020.  We will notify the winner by December 15rd, 2020 and have the winner’s video edited for promotions, press release and a social media blitz starting before the end of the year.  All videos, photos, graphics, images submitted become the property, through irrevocable license, of  Submission of your video does not mean it will be published.  Only those videos selected as the top 100 will be published as a part of the contest and the winning video will become a part of the social media blitz.  Contact us today for complete details and instructions.  Use our Application Page from the menu above to tell us about your video thought. We will contact you with complete details and instructions of video formatting.

Thank you for your interest and let’s see how many great “far superior” thoughts we can bring to the world.  Remember, Together we CAN make a difference.

For example of a current FarSuperior Thought Videos…. Check out video…. 15 Minute Miracle