​Compliance, an area that in all business is crucial these days. With the power of technology, you can bring on employees in any state which is good when you’re an employer because that means you can attract it and acquire the best talent across the United States. You won’t have to focus just in your back yard some challenges that does bring though is when you’re not up to speed on state laws, our labor laws, or even taxes could be broken down and vary from state to state and even down to city to city in some cases. One of the best advice that I could put out there is you knowing your strengths – knowing your weaknesses. This is definitely gonna fall into a weakness, and this is where a partnership and an HCM company is going to be the most beneficial. The investment that’s put in to acquire that relationship or that partnership will be far less than learning the hard way and having a labor law violation come in or even not paying correct state or local taxes correctly in other states is probably going to be the most expensive issue that you’re going to learn the hard way. So in the very end, compliance is a very tricky area. You don’t know what you don’t know and to be reliant on partners to help you in those areas it’s very important.

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