Discounts – are they really worth it? I remember the days when I used to chuckle over senior citizen discounts or coupon clipping. Well today in the retail world and online sales we are experiencing a goldmine. Virtually every retailer out there and online stores are offering discounts so whether it’s a military discount, a senior citizen discount, a youth student discount, you should be taking advantage of all of them. Let me give you an example of how this can benefit you and how it adds up pretty quickly. So if you were just to look at your normal spending, let’s say you have a thousand dollars a month, that you spend in retail markets and whether it’s online sales whether it’s your cell phone whatever the case might be, if that adds up to a thousand dollars a month if you were to apply that over the course of a year and take 15% which is a decent discount across the board that adds up to eighteen hundred dollars a year. That could be your vacation budget money for the entire year. So don’t overlook discounts. Always ask. That is the best way. I have a shopper here in the office that one of her primary duties is to make sure that all of our office supplies, in-office furniture and
equipment needs as she is shopping for those items that not only she shops for good deals she always asks for the discount. So remember, discounts – are they really worth it? Absolutely! And they can add up fast. Thank you.

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