By completing this application you are submitting your business as a prospective member of the FarSuperior Community, or to submit your request as a provider of a FarSuperior Thought Video for our Contest. The acceptance of a business application is conditional upon the company/individual meeting all of the qualifications. NO PAYMENT OF MEMBER FEES IS DUE until your business has been approved. Qualification for a business membership include: Minimum of five(5) years in the same business, outstanding business references, evidence of your pay it forward philosophy in your community, church or to humanitarian causes, commitment to the FarSuperior Mission and an opening within our FarSuperior community. Please note we can only accept a very limited number of members per industry/profession based upon the city the member is located within.
Upon receipt of your application you will be notified if there is an opening for your business type within the local community being served by FarSuperior. You will also have the opportunity to be placed on our wait list. We are currently limited to three (3) members, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, attorneys, etc. per major city market.

Thank you and welcome to FarSuperior.
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