Are all passwords created equal? The question is, “how do we protect our accounts?”. Did you know that in the first six months of 2019, data breaches were up 54% a total of over 3,800 different data breaches occurred just in the first six months, which affected 4.1 billion people. You may not realize it, but your phone apps everything that you create. Where you create a password that makes you subject to those data breaches and the fallout from them, especially if you’re like many, and you use the same passwords for not only your phone apps, but for your bank accounts. This is how identification theft happens and this is how companies and individuals take advantage of the information on the dark web; by securing credit cards mortgages, car loans, and everything else in your name. So are all passwords created equal? No. And how do you protect yourself and your accounts? Encrypt your passwords, meaning, pick a different type of password for different accounts. Make your bank account passwords different than your social media login passwords. Make your phone app passwords different than your the office passwords or your email logins, etc. And you can do this by just creating a little something that’s memorable about those different types of accounts. Like if it’s a financial account, make it something dealing with finance. But that way if somebody steals a phone app they breach the data at one of the phone app companies it’s not going to affect your bank accounts because when they try to go after your bank accounts they won’t have the same password encrypting. And that’s the Far Superior Thought.

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