Imagine everything you love about Google, Angie’s List, Wikipedia, Ted Talks, Amazon and YouTube . . . without all of the things you don’t . . . such as ads, spam, information overload and sites selling your data! Well, that’s certainly a far superior site. So, welcome to we and our business members are here to exceed your expectations .

Wayne Warrington, Founder FarSuperior

The Vision of FarSuperior is to build a trustworthy and generous community of experts that exceeds expectations by providing Farsuperior experiences for customers that is duplicable and leaves a legacy of generosity.

Our commitment is to create an internet experience that is ad free, spam free, without information overload or selling data so that customers privacy is protected and they can search with confidence, quickly finding what they desire and having more time to do what they love.

FarSuperior is built on trust and integrity.  You can rely on FarSuperior to never become greedy, share your private information or sell out.  We are all about creating relationships by going back to basics where people referred their favorite businesses and offered extraordinary service.



History –  FarSuperior was birthed in 1999 at Houston’s Restaurant when Wayne Warrington was searching on Yahoo with some business partners and was frustrated by the ads.  He said, “We need a Far Superior way”.  He quickly got to work and created a directory in Scottsdale, AZ where far superior businesses were hand selected and vetted for quality.  Wayne’s background in the investigative industry helped keep the quality high.

Before long hundreds of FarSuperior businesses (jewelers, tanning salons, attorneys, realtors, dentists and more) were enjoying an increase in business thanks to the traffic driven by the websites.  They were proud to be part of the community.  FarSuperior became the go-to source for an excellent outcome for whatever anyone might need in the area.

In the early winter of 2018, Wayne Warrington was awakened to the current privacy issues with internet giants such as Facebook, Amazon and Google as congress gets ready to enforce new laws which are already in place in Europe to protect the people.

FarSuperior is incorporated in Arizona with corporate headquarters in Mesa, Arizona.  FarSuperior is not competing with companies like Google or Amazon, however, they are providing a community where people can have questions answered with quality content, rely on a simple privacy statement to protect their information, quickly find what they want on the internet and go enjoy what they love.