Hi are we on when did we get a win tell me we have time for this was it hi Rick Rick here I’m going to show you how to never have to do that again what I’m going to show you is to never have to worry about time because the truth is we can’t change time we can only change what we do in time so do this right now go to your App Store and download the 15 minute miracle 1 5 minute miracle I’ll give you a second to download that go ahead and push pause right now great welcome back here’s what you do with that app in the app you’ll see it looks strangely like a calendar in fact it kind of is it’s a daily calendar here’s what you do with it you record in 15-minute increments everything you do during the day for one solid week yep that’s what you do and you’ll see on the app it gives you the percentages of how you spend your time in those quadrant livings and you’ll find those on there on the app as well but in that you begin rating yourself if you’ve lived in quadrant one quadrant two three or four at the end of the week you can find out what you’ve actually done with your time and here’s what you’ll find out at the end of that week number one you have more time than you thought you did number two you probably waste a lot of time you probably didn’t want to waste and number three you will learn that you can actually do what you want to instead of losing track of time you do that for one week here’s what you do for the second week you plan the entire week you sit down on Sunday night and in 15 minute increments plan everything you’re going to do for the entire week it sounds constraining to a lot of people I have executives doing this they do it once every six months and it changes literally changes the way that they spend their life in time they don’t spend time they change there’s their life and what they do in time try this let me know right too I’d really love to hear how this works out for you.

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